Clinical Evaluation Assessment and Admission
After a preadmission telephone screening with one of our staff, a full assessment will be needed. The goal of any of our assessments is to determine the nature and severity of the problem so we may provide recommendations for the best course of action. If the assessment results in an admission, we will take a medical and psychiatric history and do nursing and psychosocial assessments.

Treatment Planning
After the assessments, our multidisciplinary team will develop an individualized treatment plan for the client. We value input from family and caregivers and encourage their participation in developing the best possible course of treatment. The team will regularly evaluate client progress and continue to work with family and caregivers if it is necessary to make adjustments.

Discharge Planning
Caring for the client after discharge is vital to the client’s well being. At Hope House, discharge planning is carefully coordinated with the client’s family and primary care provider to assure appropriate follow-up care.

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