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Financial Assistance

We understand that financial hardship affects well-intentioned people. To keep care Centered Around You, Gibson General Hospital has policies and procedures in place to help anyone needing financial assistance, including:
  • Creating individualized payment plans
  • Helping patients receive health care financing
  • Working with patients to see if they qualify for coverage through federal and state programs
  • Offering hospital-based financial assistance to underinsured/uninsured patients when possible.
To be considered for financial assistance, please complete our Application for Financial Assistance.

If you would like to learn more, call 812-385-9388 or email our ClaimAid representative.

Important Documents
Application for Financial Assistance 
Gibson General Hospital Financial Assistance Policy
Financial Assistance Policy Plain Language Summary

Aplicación para Asistencia Financiera
Política de asistencia financiera Resumen en lenguaje sencillo
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